Customer Success Magazine

The purpose of Customer Success Magazine is to provide a doorway into and a vantage point for observing the rapidly growing professional community of Customer Success Management — by whatever name or aspect.  Client Success, Customer Advocacy, Customers For Life, Customer Relationship Management, Customer Care/Support, Training, Onboarding, Professional Services, Customer Experience; the emerging profession dedicated to retaining and maximizing profitable customer relationships is growing worldwide at an exponential rate.

Customer Success Magazine is a vendor-neutral access point to the growing resources of the entire CS community.  We’re a part of the Customer Success Association, and while the CSA has vendor sponsors that are listed here as well, CSM does not do advertising.  What you’ll get here are articles about what the profession is currently doing — and what it could become.  We’ll point you to content and resources of interest as we find them.  CSM is also connected to The Customer Success Management Forum on LinkedIn.  Discussion of articles published here will take place in the CSM Forum.

About Mikael Blaisdell

mb-standard-SMBeginning in the early days of Silicon Valley as a systems & procedures analyst at Atari, and continuing through tech-writer, hotline rep, trainer, support executive and channel management positions with a number of technology companies, Mikael Blaisdell has been a part of the high technology industry for over 30 years. His career has included a succession of management roles, a very wide range of consulting assignments across a spectrum of industries and organizations, presentations at countless conventions, and the publication of hundreds of white papers, feature articles and columns for key magazines. He has served on the boards of start-up technology companies, service/support professional associations and non-profits.

Since early 2006, in response to the accelerating development of the SaaS/Cloud business model and its effects on the technology industry, he has focused on the emerging profession of Customer Success Management in the SaaS B2B sector — and what traditional software companies can learn from it as well.