Customer Success Magazine
By Mikael Blaisdell

Without a Customer Success Technology SuiteWhile it’s unfortunately still true that the dominant player in the worldwide Customer Success space is Excel… it’s not for lack of superior competitors. The barrier to be overcome is making the case to Senior Management that an effective Customer Success Technology Suite is not an option, it’s a necessity. Without access to appropriate customer success tools, your team is being asked to compete on the field while blindfolded and shackled. And it just doesn’t have to be that way.

Customer Success Tools and Vendors

The Customer Success Association maintains a list of all known / established customer success technology vendors on the page of the CSA site. While a listing doesn’t constitute an endorsement of either company or product, this is definitely the place to begin your search for the components of your Customer Success Technology Suite.

Customer Success Technology SuiteThe Customer Success Tools and Vendors list is divided into three sections. The first, Customer Success Management Systems, includes customer success applications designed and built specifically to manage teams and their members. The second section, Customer Success Operations Technology, is for supporting technologies that address operational needs. The third section, The Customer Success Technology Vendors List, includes the names and links to all known/established vendors in alphabetical order.

Customer Success Functions and Capabilities

So what should a Customer Success Technology Suite include?

Tool box 01A second page on the CSA site, provides a map of the various functional elements of an appropriate Customer Success Technology Suite, together with the names of the vendors whose products cover the designated function. (To view this page, you’ll need to be at least a basic/free member of the CSA and be logged-in.)

There is no charge for being included in the list. Companies do have to complete an application form so that I know where to put them in the categorized list and/or on the map page. If you see that a vendor that you’ve been using is not listed, please encourage them to apply. (The Customer Success Association is strictly vendor-neutral; whatever is offered to one vendor is also available to all, and we never do anything that is in any way commission-based.)

September 5, 2016