Customer Success Magazine
By Mikael Blaisdell

There is another side to the skyrocketing proliferation of Customer Success teams all over the global business landscape.  While it is fortunately not common, it does occur: Senior Management suddenly announces the end of the customer success team, that the entire group is being laid off.

What Happened to the Customer Success Team?

The Customer Success Team is endedWas there a problem with the team’s performance?  No, they did everything that they were asked to do with excellence, and the customers love them.  It’s just that Senior Management doesn’t think that the expense is justified, they feel that the perceived cost outweighs the benefits to the company.   And so, goodbye and good luck to everyone of the team in your next role somewhere else.

The Mission of Customer Success

The mission of Customer Success is to build more proven value for both the Customer and the Company.

The Customers Were Happy, but…

Why did The Customer Success Team get laid off?Did the teams that were dismissed fail to deliver proven value to their customers?  No, the customers were quick to react with shock to the announcement and to praise the soon to be departed CSM’s.  One side of the equation was clearly well met.  But what about the other?  Why did Senior Management come to believe that their retention and increased profitability goals for the company could be met without the continued assistance of the Customer Success team?

Could this happen to your customer success program and team?  What are you doing to improve your group’s perceived value to Senior Management?

A common thread in the discussions of The Customer Success Forum on LinkedIn is the necessity for CS executives to be fluent in the language of profitability.  The concept is also a key aspect of the program of the Customer SuccessCon events.  And if you want direct assistance in improving your team’s perceived value, contact me.

January 23, 2016