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By Mikael Blaisdell

It’s no secret that in many companies, the Customer Success team focuses their efforts on the top tier customers. Retention rates in that segment tend to be closely watched. But what about tier 2 and 3 level customers? Who looks out after those accounts? Increasingly, lower level customers are being deflected to self-success automated resources because of cost constraints. Finding qualified CSM’s can be hard, and attempting to expand the staffing to where the same level of attention was given to all customers would be near impossible even if it were economically acceptable to the CFO and the board.

The Outsourcing Option

Outsourcing Customer Success

But what if the human coverage of the lower value customer segments could be done by an outside service at a reasonable cost/benefit ratio? There is a long history of outsourcing customer support interactions — why not Customer Success? There is at least one vendor already offering such a service, and more will surely follow.

There will be a Case Study presentation on the outsourcing of Customer Success at the upcoming Customer SuccessCon Europe event in London, UK on 25 April. The presenter will talk about how over 9K non-strategic customers were handled by an outsourced delivery model with significant improvements in ARR. The program ROI case after the first year was extremely compelling.

Customer SuccessCon Europe:  25 April 2016 – London, UK

Customer SuccessCon

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I’ll talk a bit about the subject at the Customer Success Symposium being done by Customer Success Ireland in Dublin, IE on 3 May as well. You can register for the Symposium at:

More information about the Customer Success Ireland group is available here.  []

We’re discussing this topic in The Customer Success Forum on LinkedIn — please join in.  If you’re a member, follow this link.  Otherwise, please become a member and share your views.

I’d like to include the subject in the agenda for Customer SuccessCon Seattle and East this year as well, so if your company has a case study on how you used an outsourced model you’d like to present, please get in touch with me.

March 20, 2016