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The Customer Success Forum -- where the Customer Success Community begins...

The advent of the SaaS/Cloud business model has had profound impacts upon the software industry, and the effects of the change are far from being over. While companies continue the race to gain market share and to fight off competitors in acquiring as many new customers as possible in the shortest amount of time, it’s what happens **after** the initial contract is signed that will be the critical factor of long-term corporate success. Both parties to the subscription agreement make significant investments; the vendor to acquire the customer, the customer to learn and adopt the application -- and neither party profits unless the relationship continues and extends.

Sales in the high technology industry is an art and a science. So is what comes after, the continuance and deepening of the customer relationship. Service, Support, Satisfaction -- and the ultimate factor of retention: Customer Success. A new era has begun; it’s time for a new approach.

The purpose of the forum is to discuss the strategy and tactics of retaining customer relationships by enhancing the productivity and profitability of both parties. Sometimes that will involve details of Customer Service, or Customer Support issues or ways to measure and increase customer Satisfaction. All of these are pieces of the larger puzzle.

The audience of The Customer Success Forum is senior managers and CXO's of SaaS companies, and membership is open to all interested professionals.

The Customer Success Forum is a part of the Customer Success Association, which offers a variety of resources for customer relationship management and optimization. For more information, visit:

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